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Great lighting makes such a huge difference to the feel of a space so should always be given the level of consideration it deserves. Find out some of the basics here on what to look out for.

Often lighting is just not given the level of consideration it deserves  

Lighting should almost never be evenly distributed within a space 

Spaces need light level variations that highlight areas of interest and focus 

In restaurants, tables should be well lit … and generally you can just let the corridors receive what’s left over

In retail stores focus on making sure the product is very well lit.  Then other areas of importance such as entrance, payment and visual communications.  The rest can be lit with ambient light. 


COLOUR TEMPERATURE – Understand the different effects provided by warm through to cool light.  Take a look and take note when you’re out and about

COLOUR TEMPERATURE – Warm light tends to create a feeling of comfort and calm, white light can be more dynamic and energetic.

LUX – Know what lux levels you’re trying to achieve, ask supplier to provide calculations produced from your lighting plans

LUX – Your average restaurant might be 500 – 700 lux at table level.  Retail stores might look to achieve 1000+ around product and displays

COLOUR RENDERING INDEX – The higher the CRI number the richer and brighter the colour intensity.

COLOUR RENDERING INDEX – Make sure to specify CRI where colour representation is important such as for fresh food or fashion.

PHOTOMETRIC CHARTS – These charts look very scientific but even a basic understanding is very handy.

PHOTOMETRIC CHARTS – They essentially show the intensity of light provided by a fixture over distance and angle from the lamp origin.  Use this to compare different lights

LIGHT FIXTURES – Understand the available types of fixtures and their best uses.

LIGHT FIXTURES – Understand Recessed vs surface mounted vs track light.  Understand spot light vs down light vs wash light.  


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